Woman and PrEP: Challenges and Opportunities

By Maryam

One of the main barriers in HIV protection is knowing that PrEP exists in the first place. If you haven’t heard of PrEP before, it is a once daily pill that is up to 99% effective preventing HIV.

But the issue is, most people do not even know it exists. When we break down the demographics, we see a huge gap in awareness among women. This is due to a number of reasons. One being that PrEP awareness campaigns have been towards gay cis gendered men, especially in the urban areas of San Francisco, New York and Chicago. As a result, the usage amongst this demographic consistently increased since the FDA approved PrEP in 2012, but women continued to be left in the dark. 

Another barrier is logistically accessing PrEP – which can be daunting, overwhelming and complicated. Insurance coverage can be very difficult to navigate, as well as the burden of following the proper steps to be medically eligible for the prescription. Specifically, routine testing and doctor’s visits. Though being HIV negative is well worth the time and energy investment, it can definitely derail many women from beginning the process in the first place.

We are trying to change this. Everyone who is at risk for HIV should have easy and affordable access to this life changing drug. Being in control of your HIV status is as empowering as much as it is liberating. In an effort to make PrEP more accessible for everyone, we created a simple way to assist people through the process of getting on PrEP through an easy to use platform and of course lovely, helpful and nurturing staff. To learn more about PrEP, click below.

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