Why I Started Using Birth Control

By marthe

Let me take you back to the Fall of 2007. It was a normal day – I was wearing my standard uniform of skinny jeans and Uggs while dancing in the schoolyard to “Umbrella.” As I hurried in to change for P.E., I immediately was struck with a very familiar sensation spreading throughout my insides. My period had arrived. And this is why I started using birth control.

My temperature rose into a burning fever while sudden dizziness and hot sweats took over- not to mention the feeling that someone was also stabbing my uterus from the inside. The only thing that would temporarily ease the pain, was finding a cool, horizontal place to lie down. I quickly called my mom to rescue me. 

Not every period was that bad, but I knew that if I was running late or had not exercised sufficiently, I would have awful cramps. I decided right then and there that something had to change.

Getting Birth Control for My Period Cramps

The following day I was feeling better, meaning that I wasn’t vomiting. I took painkillers for the rest of the pain and made an appointment with the school nurse to get a prescription for birth control.

To be honest I don’t remember how I found out that birth control could ease period pains. Having grown up in Norway, the laws are a tad different than here in the States. I needed to be 16 to get birth control without my parents’ consent. I could have gotten it before if I just talked to them about it, but I was too embarrassed to initiate that conversation. 

Oh my, I was so nervous! The blood pressure results went through the roof, and I had to come back several times to get them right. Nevertheless, being a physically active and healthy youth, I was still able to get a prescription for birth control. I remember sitting on her red sofa and answering all these different questions to why I wanted to go on the pill. Was there any specific reason I wanted to go on the pill? Was there any history of blood clots in my family? Though I was as nervous as can be, it all went by very smoothly. In explaining my previous problems with cramps she was able to prescribe me Yasmin, a brand known to ease period pains and get rid of acne.  

No More Pain!

This might sound cliche, but seriously, my life completely changed. No more cramps! I was so happy the first time I had my period after starting the pill, I almost cried. That might also have been the hormones, but for whatever reason I was crying; I did not have cramps! Rihanna and I could sing “Umbrella” without me lying in fetal position and crying in pain!

I want other young women to know that they don’t have to suffer with period cramps. Maybe you are like I was, and are too embarrassed to talk with your parents about it? Just know that you should not have to endure terrible pains, when there is such an easy solution to the problem.

If you do experience terrible pains, please talk with someone you feel comfortable with. It could be a parent, older sister, friend or a doctor. And if you think you want to try getting on the Pill to stop the pain, you can talk to us at Nurx, too!



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