What Really Happens When you Fall in Love

By marthe

Ah, the biology of the human body is so extremely fascinating! Where do all these feelings actually come from? Are they real?

Our body is designed to attract partners, thus we emit pheromones designed to appeal to those who are genetically compatible with us. These pheromones are released from our glands. In addition to attracting a partner through our scent, some more or less successfully resort to flirting and body language.

When you have successfully attracted a partner, your body is wired for lust. And when all you want is to merge with that other person, you are actually not imagining this. It all has to do with your estrogen and testosterone levels surging. When finally being able to be with the other person, your body will release the hormones dopamine and norepinephrine, together they create the feeling of elevating and the first flush of love. Mixed together with your serotonin levels makes a love cocktail that leads to how much time you spend thinking (obsessing) of about partner.

Your body also has your back when it comes to feeling awesome around your significant other. After having sex your body releases oxytocin and vasopressin that leads to you feeling more attached to your significant other. Together these hormones makes you feel really really awesome.