Strategies to Curb PrEP-related Stigmas

By Maryam

Strategies to Curb PrEP-related Stigmas

In addition to the lack of awareness,  PrEP-related stigmas around also prove to be a huge barrier for people to freely explore their options to prevent HIV. Below, Shannon Weber who is the Director of HIVEonline, discusses strategies to curb HIV-related stigmas.

What needs to happen to remove the stigma around being HIV+?

HIV-related stigma is widespread and pervasive among HIV community stakeholders as well as the general population. This stigma is evident in the language we use. Clinicians, educators, and writers can commit to using words that accurately reflect the current science of HIV. The science is clear: Effective HIV treatment has the added benefit of preventing transmission of HIV. The Prevention Access Campaign has popularized the clear message ‘Undetectable = Uninfectious.

How about the stigma of using PrEP?

PrEP users who have become PrEP champions have radically shifted PrEP-related stigma. This is most evident among white gay men, who are currently the highest proportion of PrEP users. More PrEP champions are emerging including people of color who are gay and bi men trans women, trans men, gender queer and nonbinary people, and women. Celebrating PrEP champions is key to shifting stigma. Creating space for PrEP champions and mentoring potential champions at the table is critical to shifting perceptions.

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