The Truth About the Pull Out Method

By Eva

What is the Pull Out Method?

The pull out method or withdrawal is the oldest form of birth control. It is actually quite easy to explain, the man has to pull his penis out from the vagina before he ejaculates. However, even if your partner does manage to do this, there is also a slight chance that you can get pregnant from pre-ejaculatory fluid, also known as ‘pre-cum.’

How much does it cost?
The pull out method is obviously free, but it has a particularly high risk. You don’t have to spend anything to use it, but you have to do it correctly every single time.

With this method you have about a 22% chance of getting pregnant, and a pregnancy/baby aren’t really that cheap.

Side effects?
With all methods, there are positive and negative side effects. The pull out method is free and you don’t need a prescription. A negative side effect is the possibility of having a baby before you’re ready. If you choose to use this method, you might want to also use a spermicide to make withdrawal more effective.

Is this right for you?
If you are OK with getting pregnant, it’s a great method for you!  If you cannot afford anything else, the pull out method is better than nothing.

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