Birth Control Delivery Seems Like a No-brainer

By Maryam

Over the course of the last several months, we’ve gathered quotes from a diverse group of women leaders and influencers about the importance of increasing access to birth control and how our app does exactly that. This quote comes from Polly “Superstar” Whittaker, a Bay Area sex culture activist, founder of Mission Control, Kinky Salon, and Club Kiss, and author of critically acclaimed memoir Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary. Check out her website at and follow her on Twitter @pollysuperstar.

“Birth control delivery seems like a no-brainer. We can get just about everything else delivered to our door, but we have to trek to the doc for our birth control? It’s evidence of the quiet cultural sex negativity that we don’t even realize is there until someone points it out. Sex is healthy, fun, and creates connection between humans. So why not give women easy, cheap, and reliable access to birth control? It’s about time! Thanks Nurx!” – Polly “Superstar” Whittaker, author of Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary

With the Nurx app, you can get your birth control refilled, re-prescribed, or start it your own way. Delivered right to your door, three months at a time. Sign up today at