Nurx Offers Free Birth Control with Promo Code ‘AlternativeFacts’

By Maryam

At Nurx, we believe women should be able to access their birth control on their own terms. This position is in stark contrast with the current administration, which appears to be focused on the opposite.

Beginning today, Nurx is offering free birth control to new users who use the promo code ‘AlternativeFacts.’ This offer is good for $45 off birth control (oral contraception, NuvaRing, the patch) through Nurx. New users can get up to three months for free, depending on which brand you choose.

Free Birth Control Promotion:
Using the promo code ‘AlternativeFacts’, new users will get $45 of credit toward birth control through Nurx. To get the deal, users must visit, create a Nurx account, pick their brand of choice, and enter promo code ‘AlternativeFacts’ at checkout. The promotion ends February 28, 2017 and does not include emergency contraception (Plan B, Ella).

How the App Works for Birth Control:

  1. User Chooses Brand – The user selects their brand, answers a few questions, enters their insurance and shipping info.
  2. Doctor Reviews Submission – a Nurx partner physician reviews the request and writes a prescription if appropriate.
  3. Delivered to Customer – The prescribed medication is delivered right to the user’s door.

This promotion ends at the end of the month, so hurry and get it while this lasts!