How to Make Your Vagina Happy

By marthe

For some reason, many of us don’t spend enough time thinking about our vagina’s health. Therefore we have put together a small guide on how you can make your hoo-ha happy!

Douching and soaps

Did you know that your vagina is actually a brilliant self cleansing organ? It naturally rids itself of unwelcome bacterias and dead cells. A healthy vagina has a pH that is normally about 3.8 to 4.5. Douching and other intervaginal cleansing methods, can actually interfere with the natural pH, and thus make you more susceptible for bacterial infections. When showering, stay away from those strong scented soaps, and just rinse with water, and if you must, mild unscented soap. Your vagina will thank you later!


When it feels drier than the Sahara desert between your legs, lube is a godsend. Many experience vaginal dryness, due to different reasons. Whatever reason, lubing it up is a great way to avoid any irritation, and also increased pleasure.


Other than protecting yourself from unwanted pregnancy or STIs, condoms can also help you keep a stable pH level in your vagina. No more UTIs and bacterial vaginosis.


We know how nice those satin thongs are, but synthetic material can trap moisture and make a perfect environment for yeast to grow. Wearing 100% cotton underwear helps keeping your vagina dry and clean.

Working out

Starting those kegels sooner than later will have long term positive effects on your pelvic floor. It’s helpful for urinary tract health, sexual health and creating pelvic floor strength. If this isn’t motivation enough, women who do kegel exercises on a regular basis experience less time to reach orgasm, and also more intense contractions during orgasms.

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