Birth Control Should Always be Stress-Free

By Maryam

We’ve gathered quotes from a diverse group of women leaders and influencers about the importance of increasing access to birth control and how the Nurx app does exactly that. Today’s quote comes from Jessica Tholmer, a columnist at Hello Giggles. Follow her on Twitter @tholmz and like her Facebook page at

“Because of Nurx, women will now have an easier and quicker way to get their birth control pills. Birth control should always be stress-free. With Nurx, it finally might be.” -Jessica Tholmer, columnist at

With the Nurx birth control delivery app, you can get your birth control refilled, re-prescribed, or start it your own way. A Nurx partner physician writes a prescription, sends it to a pharmacy, then a three month supply of your medicine is delivered right to your door. Want an easier way to access your birth control? Use the Nurx birth control app at