Happy International Women’s Day

By Maryam

Each year on March 8, people around the world observe International Women’s Day. This is a day to commemorate the struggle for women’s rights and celebrate the political, social, economic and cultural achievements of women throughout history. We’ve come incredibly far in recent history, but in the past few years, progress has slowed in many places across the world, so global action is needed to accelerate gender parity.

In addition to International Women’s Day, today, also marks ‘Be Nasty Day’, and for this, we have partnered with FLEX and Unbound, to offer women some incredible deals. Through March 31st, in order to counter the risks that the current administration is posing to access to birth control, female products and beyond, if you use the code ‘NASTYWOMAN‘, you can get $30 in free birth control from Nurx, a month’s worth of tampon alternatives by Flex (discs that you can even wear during sex!), and 20 percent off products from Unbound. (Bustle just posted a great piece about our collaboration, Celebrate “Be Nasty Day” On March 8 With This Feminist AF Collaboration From Unbound, Nurx, And Flex, so definitely check it out!)

Happy International Women’s / Be Nasty Nasty Day! And if you’re still feeling the nasty woman spirit and want to get some amazing discounts from Nurx, FLEX, and Unbound, head on over to NastyWomanStarterKit.com.