Everything That’s Good With Foreplay

By Eva

Do not skip foreplay! Unlike men, women often need a bit more help to get aroused and wet. It usually takes longer time to get wet than to get an erection, so women have a lot to win on a proper foreplay. But also men get a harder, more lasting, and more sensitive erection if they use some time, and the orgasm will also be more powerful.

Foreplay should not be looked as a burden you have to do before you get to the good stuff. Foreplay is a part of the good stuff! It helps maintain physical and emotional intimacy. Foreplay can improve your relationship outside the bedroom, and is a great way to enhance sex for both of you.

So what happens in your body during foreplay?
The brain is the main character when it comes to sex. Who would have known? The brain is the biggest sex organ in the body, that is where all the good hormones are being produced. During arousal your brain swells up with powerful hormones; in particular, dopamine and oxytocin. Dopamine triggers feelings of motivation, and makes you eager to see the other person naked. Oxytocin is the hormone that makes you feel bonded with your partner, and is called the cuddle hormone.

Sensual thought can jumpstart arousal. By reading erotica, watching porn, or fantasizing about sex you will trigger a response in the brain, which contributes to feelings of arousal.

Research has found out that the vagina, clitoris, and nipples responds to the same area of the sensory cortex. This means that these are erogenous areas. So a little nipple-play would not hurt during foreplay.

Happy foreplay!

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