Donald Trump’s Tiny Hands Get You Free Birth Control from Nurx

By Maryam

Last week, Mike Pence met with congressional Republicans, specifically about repealing the Affordable Care Act. He then tweeted, “We’re going to keep our promise to the American people. Our 1st order of business will be to repeal & replace Obamacare.”

If the ACA is repealed, millions of women stand to lose access to free contraception. We think Donald Trump and Mike Pence should keep their tiny hands off Obamacare and specifically, the birth control mandate.

We’re making it even easier for women to get birth control through our app and we’re giving it away for free through the end of the month. New users who use the promo code ‘TinyHands’ at checkout, will get $45 in credit for free birth control through Nurx.

Hurry to now before this deal is gone! Promo code: TINYHANDS