Commonly Asked Birth Control Questions

By Eva

At Nurx, we get a lot of questions from users about birth control. Below, are three commonly asked questions about birth control.

Depression: Some studies show that there may be some correlation between contraception and depression. Depression is listed as a side effect, and if you are prone towards depression, you should mention this to one of our doctors when placing your request through Nurx. Adolescents have a higher risk of experiencing depression. This risk decreases around 30 years old. It is important to know that there are numerous options for birth control, so if one doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean something else won’t.

Weight gain/weight loss: The Depo Provera shot is the only birth control method proven to cause weight gain. Most women do not gain weight on the pill, patch, or ring. When they do, it is usually no more than five pounds and may be due to other causes. Some women also lose weight when using these methods. Ultimately, you may require some trial and error in finding the right birth control method for you.

Skip periods: To skip periods you just skip your placebo pills or just use a new ring or patch after three weeks. There are not found any medical reason to have hormonal free weeks with bleeding when using contraception. Nor have any negative consequences been found of skipping hormone-free weeks (and thus bleeding) over time. In other words, there is nothing to suggest that it is dangerous to skip periods one or ten times. What one knows, however, is that most pregnancies on hormone contraception occur around the hormone-free weeks. Skipping the bleeding reduces the risk of user failure and thus involuntary pregnancy. Skipping periods simply makes the contraceptive safer to use.

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